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 InTown Coach Responsibilities

Before the start of the season: 

All coaches are required to:

1. Register with Massachusetts Youth Soccer,

2. Authorize a CORI check (criminal offender record information),

3. Upload a copy of thier driver's license;

4. Complete the CDC Heads-up Concussion traning (online, approx. 30 min.); and

5. Complete the Safe Sport training (online, approx. 45-60). 


If you are interested in coaching please reach out to the InTown director for additional information and links to the online registration process. 



During the season: 


1. Be present for each game or practice.  If you are not able to be present for a game or practice please communicate the same to your co-coach to ensure at least one coach will be present. 

In the event both coaches have a conflict, the coaches must communicate to the players/players' families that the practice or game is canceled, or arrange for a substitute coach.  (Please note, all subs need to have completed the coach credential process.  The InTown director can assist with lining up a sub when necessary). 


2. Foster a positive learning environment.  This age group is for building skills and having fun.  MYSA has a variety of age approriate practice plans to help coaches teach skills.  


3. Assist with setting up and taking down the fields, for practices and games.  On game day LYS will assist with the basic set up of fields, but coaches are asked to assist with moving goals as we transition between age groups, and to assist with the clean up at the end of the games (returning nets and cones to the shed).   


4. Have a basic understanding of the rules for your age group.  The InTown division is for players 4 years of age through the second grade.  The rules for each division vary as they are modified to the age group.  For example, Preschool, Kindergarten, and First Grade do no play with goalies and do not have referees.  The Second Grade group has a goalie and one referee.  


5. Check your emails.  LYS will communicate weather cancelations, or other interruptions to the schedule, via email.  With hundreds of players each season this is the only effective way we can communicate with everyone on a broad scale.  Please make sure your email address is updated on the LYS website so we can appropriately communicate with you. 


6. Sportsmanship. Coaches must insist on good sportsmanship at all times. 


Players watch what their coaches and parents do and follow their example.  Players or parents who act in an unsportsman like manner should be reported to the LYS Board of Directors. 

As coach, while you may disagree with a referee call (or lack thereof), such disagreement should not be demonstrated visibly in such a manner as to incite players, parents and fans to "get on" the referee. In addition, in cases where your players, players’ parents and fans are becoming overly vocal and abusive of the referee, you should take steps to bring them under control. Failure to do so makes you subject to receipt of a yellow or red card.

If you have a serious disagreement with a referee, keep quiet during the game, then please fill out a REFEREE REPORT after the game and mail it to the League.

Suggestion: If you think the referee did a good job, let them know it at the end of the game.