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Recommended Reading:

  • US Women's National Teams Program - Position Statement, "Playing to Develop vs Playing to Win -- Learning vs Winning"
  • The Double-Goal Coach by Jim Thompson ddd
    Excerpts:  "[A] Double-Goal Coach wants to win (goal #1), but even more importantly, is committed to using sports to teach positive character traits and life lessons to young athelets (goal #2). .... The traditional definition of winner is the person or team that does the best on the scoreboard.  Even a team that is outplayed in every facet of a game but comes away with more points on the scoreboard is declared the winner.  .... Effor goals are a powerful tool for he Double-Goal Coach.  Most coaches set Outcome Goals, which are highly dependent on the quality of the opponent.  Effort goals are motivating to all players because they can control them an they can see their progress."

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