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U10+ Travel Soccer Skills Checklist

Check boxes you know and can demonstrate to a coach. Learn skills from your coach or at skills.leominsteryouthsoccer.org


Practice and Games

☐ I understand why practice is important

Touch / Fast Footwork with ball: (3 or more Coerver Drills)

_____________________________________________Write Coerver drill names here..

☐ _____________________________________________

☐ _____________________________________________

Kicking with Wall: (Write "R" in blank for right foot and "L" for left foot.)

I have kicked a ball against a wall:

Inside of my foot: __ 10 times __ 50 __ 100
Laces of my shoe: __ 10 times __ 50 __ 100
Outside of my foot __ 10 times __ 50 __ 100

Individual, 2-player skills, and fooling opponents:

I can defend in a 1v1 situation

☐ I can defend in a 1v2 situation (2 defenders)

☐ I can get past a defender in a 2v1 situation (2 offensive players)

I know _____ ways to keep the ball in a 1v1 situation

Games / Scrimmages:

☐ I can explain the phrases "one to the ball" and "pressure the ball"

I can explain how team shape/formation moves as a unit as the ball moves around the field

☐ I know we ALWAYS want the ball far from our goal

☐ I know we want the ball near their goal

☐ I can explain how to play forward, midfield, and defense



☐ I know how to run in place for 15 seconds

☐ I can do shuttle-steps/criss-cross the width of the field

☐ In 15 seconds I can run a 5-cone slalom ____ times

☐ I can sprint from midfield to goal in _____ seconds

☐ I can back pedal a field width in _____ seconds


I can score 5 penalty shots in a row:

☐ by kicking the ball on the ground

☐ by kicking the ball over head-height

☐ using both feet

I can score 5 goals in a row from outside the penalty area:

☐ by kicking the ball on the ground

☐ by kicking the ball over head-height

☐ using both feet

I can start at midfield and score in ____ seconds (with no defender)

Good Habbits and Decisions:

☐ I NEVER kick the ball in front of our goal (because the other team might score)

☐ I know it's better to HOLD the ball than kick it without looking and thinking first (EXCEPT if the other team might score :-) )






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