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The links to register are at the bottom of this page.  


The spring season should begin April 24 and goes for 8 weeks.  There are usually no games over Memorial Day weekends.



The fall season should begin in early September and goes for 8 weeks.  There are usually no games over Labor Day or Columbus Day weekends.


PreSchool/Kindergarden-- have a 30 min practice followed by a 30 minute game on Sunday afternoon at Samoset


1st/2nd grade-- have a 1 hour practice during the week*   and a game on Sunday afternoon at Samoset


3rd-8th grade-- have 1-2 practices during the week* and games on Saturday (Girls 3rd/4th 9am;  Boys 3rd/4th 10:15am;  Girls 5th/6th  11:30am ;  Boys 5th/6th 1pm;  Girls 7th/8th  2:30pm; Boys 7th/8th 4pm)  4 of their games will be at Samoset and the other 4 at nearby towns.


*Practice days and time are dependent on coach and field availability and will be decided in late March or late August (depending on season).


Available to players ages 4 - 8 years old (through 2nd grade).

All players must turn 4 before April 1 for the spring season (and Sept 1 for the fall season)
In this program, boys and girls play on the same teams.
Games are played on Sundays against other In-Town teams of the same age group. 
Each In-Town player will need a size 3 ball and shin pads; cleats are only required for players playing on Division 1 and 2 teams. 


Season Fees:

Take advantage of our early registration discounts and submit the registration and payment prior to the deadlines listed below.  
In-Town BASE Registration  $102.50
In-Town Shirt (included in registration fee) $0
In-Town Shorts $14
In-Town Socks $9


The dates when the Early, Base, or Late registration fee are applied, as well as when registration closes, are provided when registration opens for the upcoming season.

Available to players ages 8 - 19 years old and/or between 3rd and 12th grades
 Season Age Groups:
  • Travel U10: Players in 3rd or 4th grade
  • Travel U12: Players in 5th or 6th grade
  • Travel U14:  players in 7th or 8th grade
  • Travel U19: Players in high school (SPRING Season Only)

In the travel program, separate boys and girls leagues/teams are formed with each playing same gendered teams from other cities representing the Nashoba Valley Youth Soccer League (NVYSL) www.nvysl.org. Each team will play half of its games at home and the other half visiting towns within the league.

Rosters for travel teams are formed at the discretion of the league directors and based upon a player’s age and skill level. 

Boys Travel Program
Eric Miele at 
Girls Travel Program:   Andy Forsberg at 

Season Fees:

Take advantage of our early registration discounts and submit the registration and payment prior to the deadlines listed below.  


We have different prices for the U12/U14/U19 age groups as the league fees are much higher at the older levels.

  U10 (3rd/4th) U12/U14 (5th/6th or 7th/8th) or High School  
Travel BASE Registration  $112.50 $127.50  
Travel Shirt $24 $24  
Travel Shorts $14 $14  
Travel Socks $9 $9  
For families with 3 or more children registering in a season, we off a discount of $50 off/child after paying for 2 children at full price.  This will be automatically calculated during the online registration.



LYS is required to submit to NVYSL the number of teams we expect to have for the upcoming season. This information is usually due some time around the early registration date. Because of this, we encourage everyone to register early and offer discounted registration fees for doing so. This will ensure that we reserve the proper amount of teams for any given age group or face monetary penalties. ANY registration received after Late Registration date is subject to space availability.
We are also required by Mass. Youth Soccer (MYS) to submit a list of all members participating in the upcoming season. Because of this, full payment for the current season is expected immediately upon registering.  Any registration that goes unpaid will be automatically deleted, and that player will not be considered for a team until registration is resubmitted and full payment is made.

As part of our streamlining of process we are asking that ALL registrations and payments be completed online. With the addition of our eCheck feature, you now have the option of paying online via Checking/Savings Account or credit card.
You can get started by scrolling to the bottom of this page and selecting the “Begin Registration” button for either the In-Town or Travel programs.
NOTE: If your child is listed as “Ineligible”, select the ineligible button to see the reason for it and make necessary changes. 
*Payment is required immediately upon registering.  Any registration that goes unpaid for more that 24 hours will be automatically deleted and that child will need to be re-registered in order to play.

**Players will not be placed on a team if registration is incomplete. All forms and fees will be returned.

For questions, comments, or concerns pertaining to the registration process, please contact our league registrar Ali Forsberg at registrar@leominsteryouthsoccer.org

A birth certificate is required for all new registrations for the Leominster Youth Soccer program. These can be uploaded during the registration process (preferred method), e-mailed to the league registrar at   or mailed to the following address:
Leominster Youth Soccer Registrar
P.O. Box 1314
Leominster, MA 01453

Covid Rules:

1. Release – Each individual who enters upon the grounds utilized by Leominster Youth Soccer will need to sign a Release. This included all Players, Coaches, Volunteers, and spectators regardless of your level of participation. IF YOU REFUSE TO SIGN THE RELEASE YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED ON THE GROUNDS. Parents/Guardians are expected to sign the Release on behalf of each Player/child under the age of 18. The Releases are attached to this email and are also available for download off the LYS website. We will have printed copies of the Release available
at the field, but to speed up the entry process, we ask that you please print and sign the Release prior to arrival at the field.

2. Be Responsible – If you, or your Player, has a fever or other signs of a possible illness please do not come to any practice, scrimmage or game.
LYS reserves the right to ask any individual who appears ill to leave the LYS grounds.

3. Attendance – LYS will take attendance for each practice, scrimmage, or game. This is necessary for contact tracing. Please be sure to sign in each time you enter upon the LYS grounds. If there is a COVID contact, all teams and individuals who had contact with the infected
individual be suspended from play for 14 days. For example, if the Blue team plays the Red team on Monday and a player or coach from the Blue team tests COVID positive two days later, both the Blue team and the Red team will be suspended from play for 14 days to allow a
quarantine period. Other teams who were not in contact with the Blue team or Red team will not have any suspension in activities.
Please note, if there is a COVID contact, LYS will take efforts to contact all individuals who camein contact with the infected individual, but LYS will not identify the infected individual.

4. Masks – NO INDIVIDUALS WILL BE ALLOWED UPON THE LYS GROUNDS WITHOUT A FACE MASK (unless under the age of 2).  Masks must be worn at all times. Only masks attached around the ears will be allowed during play.

5. Social Distancing – To help maintain social distancing while on LYS grounds, LYS will have designated entrances, exits and one direction walk-ways. In addition, spectator areas will be designated to keep distance between the players and spectators. Please follow all signage while
upon LYS grounds.

6. 25 Person Limit – LYS will be held to a strict 25 per person limited upon each field for each session. The 25 person count includes all Players, Coaches, Volunteers, Officials/Referees, and Board Members. LYS reserves the right to limit the number of individuals on the field for each
session to maintain these limits. No Spectators will be allowed on the field.

7. 100 Person Limit – LYS will be held to a strict 50 person limit upon grounds for each session. Please limit one spectator per Player. LYS reserves the right to limit the number of Spectators for each session to maintain these limits.

8. Strict Time Frames – LYS has staggered the sessions to limit the number of individuals on the fields and grounds at any time. We ask that Players, Coaches, Volunteers and Spectators only appear during their designated session times to allow us to operate within the set limits. We
reserve the right to limit the number of Spectators for each session to maintain these limits.

9. Drop-off – Dropping off Players for their scheduled session is allowed. However, we ask that you please wait for your Player to be checked in for each session before leaving. We will confirm each Player has a Release on file, a face mask, and equipment before you drive-off.

10. Pick-up – As previously mentioned, we have strict limits on the number of people allowed on the grounds at a time. It is important that you promptly pick up your Player from their scheduled session to assist us in staying within the limits.

11. Car Pooling – Car pooling is strongly discouraged.

12. Equipment – As with prior seasons, each Player needs to bring the following items with them to each practice/skills session/scrimmage – ball, water bottle, cleats, shin guards, a light shirt and adark shirt (to avoid the use of pennies). In addition, each player will also need to bring a face
mask and hand sanitizer.

13. No Porta-Potties – Unfortunately we may not be able to have Porta-Potties. Please plan accordingly.

14. No Unscheduled Activities – All practices, scrimmages, and games must be pre-scheduled with LYS. Pick-up games or practices on LYS grounds are not allowed.

15. Guidelines – LYS was required to submit guidelines to the City of Leominster concerning our plan to operate this session. If you would like to review the guidelines submitted please visit the LYS website at www.LeominsterYouthSoccer.org

16. Patience – We ask for your patience as we navigate the return to soccer this summer. This is the first time the Board of Directors, Coaches, and Volunteers have organized a session under strict guidelines from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the City of Leominster, Massachusetts Youth Soccer and US Youth Soccer.

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation,
Leominster Youth Soccer Board of Directors